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The Recovery Act was the boldest countercyclical fiscal stimulus in American history.

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Economists typically recommend that the federal government increase spending, and thus add more debt, during times of economic struggles and then pay down that debt when the economy recovers.

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Netflix based on spending is uppity obama spending first term, with a result, which has become a similar reader polls suggest americans end, has worked congress embraced this. Pacific Partnership that play to American advantages and contain the strongest labor and environmental standards in history.

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Each year, their awkward rocking in place and skittering gazes were replaced by a little more poise.

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Despite the request for additional funding, none of the additional funds would be spent to accelerate life extension programs for warheads or begin research and design on new warheads. Passing the House with no Republican votes and receiving three votes from Senate Republicans, again, the vote tally fell short of a semblance of bipartisanship.

Obama promises to sign the EFCA into law.

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The Obama administration has appointed union officials to top posts and is backing legislation to make it easier for workers to organize.

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Obama sought to manage a hostile Iran with a treaty that hindered its development of nuclear weapons.

Now, all of those them will answer to a new commander in chief.

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The loss of output and jobs in the recession has been so severe that it will take a number of quarters of robust growth and job creation to restore the economy to full health and full employment.

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But most important, both issues could be seen as both conservative measures as well as liberal ones.

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African American to be elected to that office.

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He has two routes to success.

We are each safer when other countries are also imposing sensible rules.

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Make America Great Again has only just begun. Coffee Stone.

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The Air Force awarded Northrop Grumman Corp.

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