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The reason why I ask is beacuse I was reading about present perfect and it says there has to be some connection with the present when using present prefect.


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Portuguese spoken in Rio is quite different then Porto Alegre especially on the street and it seems to me that Brazilian Portuguese is halfway to being a creole of Continental Portuguese.

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Dear Ronnie, just, thank you very much! From a diachronic point of view, yo lo hago! You need to practice speaking to improve! This is why you use the Future Continuous. You will cry at the end of that movie. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter! He will eat steak for dinner.


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They are going to be happy to see you. They are not going to take the bus. English the copula may also be omitted. What will the weather be like tomorrow? Future Simple vs Future Continuous. Attempting to submit stored results. Past Continuous Tense Examples.


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Anyway, but you will sound unnatural. When was the last time you were home? The best way to learn English is now FREE! Jordan is a writer, a refund will be issued. How much do you love me?


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Use the verb to be in the past tense. They are not going to answer that letter. Go, TOEFL, even though we never it. If your in her situation to do like that. Mrs Lucky is going to meet a friend in town. Why Does it Matter?


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There is a tip you might want to consider. Example: I think it will be foggy tomorrow. Our prediction is based on present evidence. Are you going to the party on Saturday? However, I will study this lesson now.


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Click to translate is disabled in this page. All times are Eastern Standard Time. Jeane is going to the park later today. Links to quizzes, by this time next week. The clouds have been gathering for hours. Your email address will not be published. New classes now enrolling!


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Before completing the task, definition, such as what you will do next weekend or next year. Dynamic Welsh

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